Last Desperate Stand: A 7 Days to Die Journal

Last Desperate Stand chronicles the life of a man living in a post apocalyptic world. The story of H.M. Wells is told through a series of journal entries set in the universe of 7 Days to Die.

My name is Hines Marshall Wells, and I am tired of running. Hell, that’s putting it too lightly. I’m fucking starving. I haven’t eaten in 2 days and I can barely stand. Managed to get a small stash hidden away on top of this grocery store I stumbled upon. I was lucky to find it.


The place was crawling with bastards when I first got here. Funny thing, I’ve been running from the bears for days, but today the goddamn dead men were preoccupied with trying to kill one of the hairy beasts. I took the opportunity to sneak up and make a little shanty on this rooftop.


It isn’t much, but anything is better than being caught out in the dark on the ground.

There was a ladder, but after I got up here I had to destroy it to keep the bastards from reaching me. In the morning, if I even make it that long, I’ll shimmy down the side of the building using some shoddy scaffolding I banded together.

I was in such a hurry to get up here I didn’t get a chance to peek inside the actual store. It’s likely that the place has already been ransacked. All of the windows are busted out. I guess it could have been the bastards that smashed ’em, but odds are the place has long since been picked clean by scavengers like me. Either way, it’s getting dark out so I won’t find out until morning.

Fuck, it’s quiet up here alone. I’m not used to being alone. It was only 3 days ago that they got Eddie. Poor fella was just too fat and slow for this kind of living. There had been 4 of us for days. Then Todd got sick, and well, Mary never could shake the depression.


The realization of what this world has become.

She took her own life only a week ago. At least she didn’t waste any ammo on the way out. She ran into the woods at night, naked and unarmed. I suppose there’s a chance she’s still out there, but I doubt I’ll ever know.

When things start to unravel it can happen really quickly. That’s reality today. When it comes down to weak links, there are only so many that can snap before it becomes your turn. For days we ran, and for days I watched them die… I run no more. Now it’s on me. Tomorrow I scavenge the market, and if there’s time I’ll reinforce the rooftop. If things work out, I think I’m gonna be sticking around a while longer.


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