Finalizing Fantasy

We revisit and reminisce on the games of our past in Tried and True.

See this silly shit? We want this from video games. We want to feel like we’re on the beach as the waves roll in. Don’t worry about why we’re wearing jeans on the beach. We just want to feel like we’re there.

Terrible magazine cover aside, there’s a certain something that draws us to games. We want to be immersed, we want to be in the game. It makes sense, then, that Virtual Reality is steamrolling into the mainstream, and it’s here to stay. Perhaps that unidentifiable secret that has kept us absorbed in the world of video games for many decades is – (get ready, it’s buzzword time!) presence. Continue reading Finalizing Fantasy

Wacky Wednesdays – Decap Attack

Got a penchant for the more eccentric games of the world? Wacky Wednesdays focuses on the curious, the bizarre, and the charmingly absurd. As usual with The Seasoned Gamer, nothing is off limits. Not every game will be good, but sometimes finding a game that is completely odd can be just as awesome. Welcome to The World of Weird.

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Days of Old – Knights of the Old Republic

$_3This was it. This was the escape hatch for my entire childhood: An RCA Colortrak Woodgrain Console television, circa 1990 (model shown). Many colors were tracked on its screen. The bright green of the Ninja Turtles as they ass-kicked Rocksteady and Bebop into oblivion. The electric blue of Sonic the Hedgehog, shooting through loops at lightning speed. The red blood and gore of Mortal Kombat after entering the blood code. The muted and rustic palette of that infamous, zombie-infested mansion. The dreamy gray of Liberty City.

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