Finalizing Fantasy

We revisit and reminisce on the games of our past in Tried and True.

See this silly shit? We want this from video games. We want to feel like we’re on the beach as the waves roll in. Don’t worry about why we’re wearing jeans on the beach. We just want to feel like we’re there.

Terrible magazine cover aside, there’s a certain something that draws us to games. We want to be immersed, we want to be in the game. It makes sense, then, that Virtual Reality is steamrolling into the mainstream, and it’s here to stay. Perhaps that unidentifiable secret that has kept us absorbed in the world of video games for many decades is – (get ready, it’s buzzword time!) presence. Continue reading Finalizing Fantasy

Days of Old – Knights of the Old Republic

$_3This was it. This was the escape hatch for my entire childhood: An RCA Colortrak Woodgrain Console television, circa 1990 (model shown). Many colors were tracked on its screen. The bright green of the Ninja Turtles as they ass-kicked Rocksteady and Bebop into oblivion. The electric blue of Sonic the Hedgehog, shooting through loops at lightning speed. The red blood and gore of Mortal Kombat after entering the blood code. The muted and rustic palette of that infamous, zombie-infested mansion. The dreamy gray of Liberty City.

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The Backlog Chronicles – I’m Batman

As we steadily make our way through a mountain of unplayed video games, we will record the escapades in detail through The Backlog Chronicles.

I am the motherfucking Batman. Silent, but brutal. Humble, yet majestic. Have a gander at this magnificent bastard:

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Rules of the Road – The Backlog Chronicles


Over the next many months and years, Tom and I will be playing through our sickeningly large backlogs of video games. It’s a tough road ahead. These are the rules we will hold fast to.

  1. Once we start a game, we need to dedicate at least one full, uninterrupted hour to playing.
  2. At the one hour mark, we must decide on either continuing to play, or canning the game forever.
  3. If we decide to continue, we must see the game through to completion. This means at least beating the main story or all main levels.
  4. Only one The Backlog Chronicles game at a time from each of us. We can play other games during this time, but playtime must be minimal and secondary to the main backlog game.
  5. If we are unable to complete a game, either due to lack of skill or lack of interest, something bad will happen to us. I’m not sure what, yet. But it will be shitty.

The whole point of this is to shame ourselves into completing our backlogs. So it is written – the will of the Backlog Gods. Thou shalt not screw this up.

Got the Backlog Jitters? Don’t Panic!

I sit here, eyes wide and stinging from staring at the monitor for too long. My restless legs tense and relax quickly, compulsively, as my computer chair rocks back and forth. My heart – is my heart racing? I should calm down for a second and check – relax – focus. No, it seems fine, but it’s definitely beating a little faster than normal. I feel short of breath. Is this anxiety? I think this is anxiety.

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